At Emergency Dental & Dentures 24-7, we understand that getting dentures can be an overwhelming transition, which is why we strive to provide the highest level of care and convenience to our patients. One way we accomplish this is through our in-house denture lab. Having an in-house denture lab means that we can create your custom dentures right here in our office, allowing us to provide you with a quick turnaround time and ensuring that your dentures fit comfortably and function properly.

Our dentist, Dr. Gabriel Jaramillo, and our team have access to the latest technology and materials to create your dentures to your specific needs and preferences. We also offer a range of denture options, including full dentures and partial dentures, as well as implant-supported dentures for those who need extra stability.

By having an in-house denture lab, we can work closely with you to ensure that your dentures are crafted to fit your unique smile and meet your specific needs. We can make adjustments and modifications as needed to ensure that your dentures are comfortable and function properly without the extra fees from a local lab. Additionally, having an in-house lab means that we can provide repairs and adjustments quickly and efficiently so you can receive the care you deserve when you need it.

Call us today at 954-531-6689 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gabriel Jaramillo and learn more about our in-house denture lab in Pompano Beach, Florida.